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Wheel Of Misfortune
Added 8/29/17    1399 views
Welcome to the Wheel Of Misfortune! Where two girls battle it out to try and get each other messy! Spin the wheel and decide your opponent's fate! Will it be gunge? Pie? Or maybe an avalanche attack?! The loser gets the rest of the mess, so wha...

Fionna's Messy Adventure Time
Added 8/14/17    644 views
Meet Fionna The Human, as she ventures into an unknown land whilst on an adventure with her trusty cat sidekick Cake. However, all is not what it seems, and when she realises that the place she's stumbled into isn't on the map--she starts getting hit...

Kayla's Guide To Gunge TV
Added 8/8/17    1307 views
Gunge TV welcomes Kayla Louise to the studio where, with the assistance of the lovely Claire, she talks us through the various different aspects that make up a typical Gunge TV video. Of course, it wouldn't be thorough without the use of practical ex...

Charlee and Claire--Public Gunge Vote
Added 8/3/17    906 views
Meet Charlee and Claire, two models put up for the public gunging vote. Each model states their case in order to try and save themselves from a messy ending, but inevitably there's only one loser!

The Interview
Added 7/13/17    2743 views
mypierogative decides she wants to try out for the position of a Gunge TV model, so comes along to the studio to get interviewed by Tamsin. However, the interview isn't quite so simple, as the utterance of a certain phrase triggers multiple gunge tor...

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Coco and Penny's Messy Bathtime--Photoset
Added 5/10/17    1921 views
This photoset includes a bunch of shots from the upcoming Coco and Penny's Messy Bathtime video, which will be presented in 3 parts, including the shower scene. Keep an eye on our blog for the release of the video. special offer--order the photoset...

The Adventures of Super Sadie
Added 5/9/17    1047 views
Meet Sadie, an ordinary girl--except when people are in need, she transforms into her "super" alter-ego! Watch Sadie as she tries to fight a losing battle with the infamous Slime Monster, and ends up getting her costume covered in gunge and water!

Added 6/24/17    1963 views
Introducing the first edition of Mastermess, a general knowledge quiz show with a messy twist! Meet Kelsie, who is blissfully unaware of the consequences of getting a question wrong--and although it seems like a pretty easy quiz, when the questions...

Claire's Christmas Letters
Added 5/9/17    1174 views
Introducing Claire who, in the Christmas spirit, wears a cute Christmas jumper, and reads out viewers' letters to the camera. Little does she know that some of the letters have hidden agendas to ruin her lovely sweater with Christmas themed gunge an...

Katie's Easter Special
Added 5/9/17    1468 views
When Easter came around, we invited Katie to come along and read out some of the letters that viewers had sent in about Easter. Turns out, the only reason Katie is doing the show is because she was promised chocolate eggs--though not necessarily give...

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